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Poker and the Americans With Disabilities Act

The Americans With Disabilities Act is enforced by the Civil Rights Division of the United States Justice Department, which publishes official accessibility standards . The United States Access Board provides technical assistance and training regarding the standards promulgated by the Justice Department and offers both enhanced standards and explanatory guidelines.

At least 5% of available playing locations, but not less than 1 playing location, must be accessible to players in wheelchairs. To be accessible to a player in a wheelchair, a playing space must meet the following basic accessibility requirements :

  • Floor Area. A clear area 30“ wide and 48” long, extending at least 19“ under the playing surface, must exist.
  • Surface Height. The distance from the top of the finished floor to the top of the playing surface must be not less than 28” and not greater than 34“.
  • Knee Clearance. The distance from the top of the finished floor to the bottom of the playing table must be greater than 27”, with 29“ preferred.
  • The maximum forward reach of a player can be no greater than the length of the clear area beneath the playing surface.

We comply with the law by providing at least one accessible playing space at each table accommodating 9 or more players. Further, we comply with poker playing regulations by clearly marking the surface area which might otherwise be used to the unfair advantage of a player in a wheelchair.

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